Expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support to agency’s mission-oriented business functions. The Garrison Group can handle all the details so you can focus on your objectives.  We provide organizations decision-makers with:

  Executive/management coaching services  
  Management or strategy consulting
  Studies, analyses and reports relating to an agency’s mission-oriented business or initiatives  
  Customized business and organization development and training  
  Advisory and assistance services in policy development, strategic planning and implementation   


Problem employees. Missed deadlines. Employee lack of motivation. 
Mistakes.  As a  manager you face multiple challenges from your staff. 
Our Performance Management Systems can help you tighten up your 
work unit’s effectiveness while simultaneously inspiring enthusiasm.

We help managers:

  Develop performance management plans  
  Write job descriptions  
  Develop performance standards  
  Set employee objectives  
  Develop evaluation strategies  
  Set evaluation schedules 
  Develop work groups into teams  
  Identify employee competencies, strengths and limitations
  Identify work unit needs
  Identify work unit opportunities and problems


Staff retreats. Grant reviews. Seminars. No time to coordinate another event. No staff able to execute the event. The Garrison Group can handle all the details so you can focus on your objectives. We help managers with:

  Site selection 
  Hotel contract negotiation 
  Logistical Support 
  Travel and accommodations 
  Audio and video recording 
  Video Conferencing
  Conference materials preparation and printing

  Registration support - online and onsite


The Garrison Group provides facilitation and related decision support services for agencies engaged in collaboration efforts, working groups or teams. We handle all the details so you can focus on your decision-making.  

  Leading or facilitating group briefings and discussions 
Recording discussion content and related facilitation support services
Preparing and providing draft and final reports related to the facilitated issues
Developing agenda, draft and final meeting materials
Debriefing stakeholders 


Dedicated civil servants are under pressure to demonstrate 
competencies in ever increasing ways.  These expectations are 
difficult to meet without adequate knowledge and skills.  Whether
employee or  manager, performance can improve with training. 
The Garrison Group  offers a wide range of training subjects which 
can be tailored to executives, administrative staff or anyone else in
between.  Our trainings are designed to increase performance and
accountability by engaging attendees in seminar work activities and
by helping attendees retain seminar learning.

Seminar subjects include: 

  Management for First Time Supervisors  
  Conflict Management
  Managing Effective Teams  
  Strategic Planning  
  Managing Organizational Change  
  Management Decision Making and Problem Solving  
  Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Managers  
  Coaching to Increase Productivity  
  The Problem Employee  

In addition to group training, The Garrison Group also offers 
individualized employee coaching on site, online and via telephone.

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